"Destined Sky"

When I was 16,I tried to write a story.It was about a gırl who is prisoner and aprison guard.The central theme was that love can possible everywhere.But now I don't think so...I can't thınk..when I look around,I can't see former loves or real loves!It's horrible..!What happened to us??
Yes..Maybe we are growing up.The world shown hıs realface but my mınd does'nt accept that love used up.When somebody loves someone,he or she should risk everything.Love is hardway.You can't do it easy.!
Okay ....okay...This words could'nt be beleiveble.We have to change.There is no egendary partners."ferhat" penetrated a mountain for "şirin".The nightingale died for rose.These are past ..these are just story.
I am not fınıshed my story yet..I can't finished.Someday peoples will beleive power of love either love will stay on book forever...


  1. Anonymous2:44 AM

    Maybe you didn't understood but if you wanted our relationship could be the best..Remember Fatoşş.

  2. Ha ha ha cok komiksin!!!