L'autumn in İstanbul

There is a magic İn İstanbul while autumn shown herself.Doesn't it?Take your cup of tea,Take your cigarette and watch the sea from Üsküdar or beykoz...What a wonderful town!Forget all your problems.Just think about "lıfe".Which makes you happy?Taking a gift orWalkıng on beach lonely...Maybe shouting1When your smoking over stand up and just do one thing for yourself.Go and shout loudly where you want or take a present for yourself.
"salkım salkım tan yelleri estiginde
mavi patiskaları yırtan gemilerinle
uzaktan seni düşünür,düşünürüm
İstanbul..... "

Good day İstanbul

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  1. Anonymous5:10 AM

    ahh..İstanbul...Kendimce yaşadım güzelliklerini,şimdi acısını çekiyorum.