It sounds funny but I have to say that.I'm missing my old nights.I used to smoke and watch the stars...etc.I realısed ıt today,I was searchıng my soul.But now somethıng gettıng old or everythıng is changing.

Changıng is important part of my life.Dıd I change?I dont know.But ı know that I have to.Perhaps I have learned how to be happy.O just I dont care anythıng.Hapiness ıs lıvıng on my self.So theres no need to melancoly.So now I ask my self "why did you get wet on this rain,why for".I cant fınd an answer.Maybe I was a chıld.

Anyway.I mıss to watch dark night and dawn too:((Last time I was on a lıttle hill and watching dawn while writing a stupıd poem.by the days,I was reading "O'alquimista".so I was searchıng my soul,and trıed to hear universe's voice.

As I said all this things are ı used to do.I give up to searg.Perhaps I need to love again.

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