Woody Harrelson Türkiyede!!

Bilen bilir,Cheers'ın saf köylü çocuğu, ilerki kariyerinde aksiyon filmlerinin aranan adamı olan Woody altın portakal için Türkiyeye gelmiş. Görmek isterdim doğrusu...Umarım ilerde Ülkemize daha bubun gibi başarılı ve karizma insanlar gelirde mutlu oluruz.


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    Singapore schools punish cheeky student bloggers
    Singapore schools have begun a clampdown on students who insult teachers in online journals by punishing them with suspensions, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

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    Conservative blog causes angst in Canada
    A Canadian blog listing the names of members of the Canadian Conservative party who are seeking to oust their leader, Stephen Harper, has caused a lot of angst for a number of party faithful claiming that they ...
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