A place where it reminds you freedom.Quite,soft...Far away to all your worries and your worse choices.

Just live...Dont think what happened to next step.Just breath...Life brings you what you need.You are humanbeing, you need to fresh air,you need top climb a mountain and see the world on top.You need to touch the earth.

For me,I feel that I'm loosing a part of my soul everyday on this buildings. I can't see the sunset or sunshine.The crowded makes us more angry,more depress.WE're loosing piece of minds.And we're getting far away to the eachother.Thats why we become stranger to eachother too.
There's lots of feelings that we forget or we used up. Friendship, brotherhood, humanism and of course love. They are just a word but no meaning on our minds.

Sometimes my mothernity instinct wake and I dream to have a baby. It must be very magical feeling.But when I remember the world, my thoughts suddenly change. I dont want to bring up an another stranger.My children have to know what is earth,they have to feel the grass. He or she have to trust me.But in this metropol,it couldnt have posibility.

It's so sad for me.

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