Roses are all around,and lovers trying to find a special gift for their partners.

I have a suggestion for lovers who still dont know what gonna do for the partners.
First of all dont do some rutin things.Yeah, roses are pretty but ı think doesnt enough:)
You should show your braveness!I dont mean that go and kill some animal like cavemen.I dont know how you do thisYou should do sth she or he never expecting..For example, your partner wants a new haircut from you.And You never dare to make this model. DO İT!! You all know what I mean. İf you still want to give roses ,you can give it with your new haircut:)

Myself, Ready for the day! I guess I'll say him ı love you and beleive me he doesnt expecting this. Anyhow wine ready for emergency so the red underwears..opps... I've said much:)

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  1. Stranger6:16 AM

    Thanks for the advices.Hard to understand the girls!!!