Party Girl

Last night I was so soo....DRUNK::)) I had fun so much in pub. After the OSS( the examination of univercity) I dreesed up and the fun has started.:))

Dance dance...Drink... dance...drink... Now I have a big headache and "regret". You can ask me "why".. Let me explain.
I flirt with a guy who younger than me:(( Me, ı never interested in young people. My boyfriend generally be 25-31 years old. But this boy..he's just young:((((

Ahh...me..People says I'm crazy:P Am I?


  1. Eh... lucky boy!

    Real age is not very important, mental age is. You know some 30 year old men still behave as if they are 12... And sometimes a young person behaves much older too.

    But can you determine this when you are drunk? I don't think so!!!

    Anyway the boy probably was even more drunk, probably doesn't remember so don't worry.

  2. hehe..Probably he is. I hope he doesnt:P