True love...

"True love doesn't excist"

I often think about this these days. Cause my mind confused again.

I remember my first love. It was like a fairy tale.But ıt makes me feel sore now cause I've ever find a person like him. No one could be kind as him. I search him in all people and now I see that it was all mistake.
I stop to seaching him. I search in life, in pc life but he's not there. And It's injustince to all man in my life.

Today is a new day for me. My -love- life changing completely.


  1. There are two ways you can interpret the words "true love":

    one is: one perfect person in the whole world, everyone else is inferior.

    the other is: perfect love, perfect harmony

    I'm not sure if the first exists or not. If it does, why isn't this "true love" with you anymore? If it was true love, it's not possible to break up right? So it was not him but someone else... and what makes you think it's possible to find this person? There are so many people on earth!

    The second exists for sure. Sometimes it stops being true love, and that might be the time to search for a new true love.

  2. Perhaps you're right.Damn...You make me confused:P

  3. I'm always right, except when I'm wrong ;) .

    You will find someone new, and then you will think he is "the one". That's what love does to you...

    Just don't worry, enjoy and keep smiling!

  4. He he..You're right:) I should dress up and run to outside right now.,Yipiiiieeee

  5. Don't run outside, run to me! haha

    have fun ;)

  6. bu ne yaw :) olmamıskı sen sewgıye aska hatta perfect lowe a olan ınancını kaybetmıssın sana sadece sunu solıyım sen anlıcaksın zaten :D

    "Hayat bazen Beklemektir"

  7. Ahh Ahh be Fatih, küstüryolar işte...
    Ama vazgeçiyomuyuyum? HAYIRR